Looking Back


Last year we produced 137 marketing products—websites, videos, brochures, donation cards, slide decks, and more—to expand the work of our partners. Because of the pandemic, we prioritized partner projects according to urgency of the product and its digital usage, and replaced in-person products with pandemic-useful products for high growth partners.


Last year Unseen embarked on a path to enhance its partner portfolio to more closely mirror the number of enslaved people by region, slavery type, slavery revenue generated, and slavery profit generated. This resulted in reducing slightly the number of partners in Asia and Africa, and increasing partners in North and South America. We also increased the number of partners fighting sex trafficking.*

In 2021, we recruited, interviewed, and vetted 10 incoming partners, who will start partnership with Unseen throughout 2021-2022. They have quality leadership, are doing great work, and have inspiring plans for expansion. Collectively they raise $2.8 million in annual revenue and directly serve 33,603 people. They are doing thoughtful and strategic work among vulnerable people and trafficking survivors in the U.S. (Montana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida); as well as in Asia, Africa, and South America.

*Forced labor, though more prevalant than sex trafficking, is difficult to detect, prosecute, and convict. In other words, return on investment is relatively low to fight against forced labor. Sex trafficking, though less prevalent, is much more profitable for exploiters, more visible to the public, and exploiters are highly compelled economically to pursue it, often without consequences. For Unseen, we believe we’ll make a bigger impact in curbing trafficking when our portfolio is weighted toward fighting sex trafficking.

Looking Ahead


The trafficking landscape is constantly changing. Unseen will continue to adjust its partner portfolio composition to make the biggest dent in trafficking. This means we'll add new growth-potential partners and selectively graduate some existing partners to best accelerate anti-trafficking work.


We design effective tools for partners and serve each partner well. As partners grow, our goal is to set them up to continue launching fundraising strategies on their own.

We believe human trafficking is a complex problem that is best tackled with sharp minds, generous hearts, expansive partnerships, innovative technology, and lots of hard work. When we add new partners or graduate current partners who are ready to fly on their own, we evaluate the number of Unseen staff who manage partners and projects, and hire additional staff as necessary.


Unseen partnered with trusted accounting firm, Cedarstone, to manage Unseen’s Donations and Accounting Office. This means better service for supporters, and a cost savings to Unseen—allowing us to focus even more time and resources on serving anti-trafficking partners.


This year we’re reimagining Unseen’s governance and bringing on new board members. We’re striving for a board composition possessing a mix of national leadership experience, diversity (in thought, ethnicity, geography, age, gender, professions), anti-trafficking experience, public influence, and financial capacity to help grow Unseen in significant ways.