2022 Impact
by Unseen Partners
692% ROI = ($5,822,439 attributed revenue in 2022 - $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses) ÷ $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses
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Unseen Partner Testimonials


Monthly Giving Card

We are consistently impressed with what Unseen is producing on our behalf and feel supported and equipped to serve survivors better with products like the monthly giving card - a card that will likely yield even more fruit in the coming year as our fundraising focus shifts. Not only are we grateful to have products to assist our fundraising ideas but to have products that help generate new ideas.
Brittany Newton, 1/22/2024


Thank You Card

We loved the multiple options for design and layout and were impressed with the quickness of the timeline. We hope to bring on many new monthly recurring donors. We are incredibly grateful for the team at Unseen that we are blessed to work with. This partnership has caused us to create new processes and better connect with donors and dream about the future of FIGHT. Thank you!
Kim Qualls, 1/17/2024


Pitch Deck

Fantastic, professional, love it! I appreciated the attention to detail, taking into account my preferences, making the final product just right for what we wanted it to be. We plan to use this product as we seek to locate new donors, sponsors, and grants.
Dave Palmer, 1/17/2024