2022 Impact
by Unseen Partners
692% ROI = ($5,822,439 attributed revenue in 2022 - $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses) ÷ $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses
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Unseen Partner Testimonials


Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck exceeded my expectations. It will be so useful for future events, activities, and fundraisers. It’s also very simple that pretty much anyone could use, so that helps a lot as well. They are very kind, reasonable, and caring throughout the process.
Charisa Stauffacher, 9/27/2023


Custom Product

Working with Unseen is often that wonderful "teach a man to fish" phenomenon—not only do you identify for us the things that need to be changed, you also help us understand why those changes are beneficial to us. This was a long-overdue project to revamp our welcome funnel, and your commitment to helping us out however we needed was evident with this one.
Scott Hatfield, 9/7/2023



The design and layout of the brochure is exceptional. The topics flow seamlessly throughout the brochure and it's easy to navigate and read. The colors and fonts add clarity and uniformity. The photos are excellent. It's always a pleasure and joy to work with the Unseen team. I appreciate their expertise and collegiality in building stellar products for Paladin.
Jon Proctor, 8/26/2023