Unseen works to remove the funding barrier by providing integrated marketing materials to our portfolio of vetted anti-trafficking partners—at no cost to them.

We increase partners' capacities to do more anti-trafficking work.


Unseen removes the growth barrier for our anti-trafficking partners by providing custom donor-focused marketing materials—at no cost to them. When they have better communication tools, they raise more funds and accomplish more work, faster.

Our approach has proven effective. It includes systems, a network of creatives producing content, and a team of project managers working with 20+ anti-trafficking partners to produce thoughtful fundraising materials. These materials help our partners serve more people significantly beyond what would be possible without such a partnership.

These top-rate anti-trafficking partners are doing essential prevention and aftercare work—making people less vulnerable to trafficking. They provide rescue, repatriation, safe shelter, food, clean water, medical care, counseling, vocational training, job creation, legal services, and more.

Investing in Unseen is investing in vetted partners—equipping them to create a sustainable funding base and expand their work—not just for today, but also for tomorrow and for years to come.

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