2022 Impact
by Unseen Partners
692% ROI = ($5,822,439 attributed revenue in 2022 - $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses) ÷ $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses
Unseen's Annual Reports

Unseen Partner Testimonials


Simple Brochure

The Simple Brochure has been a wonderful product for our guests at micro-events to hold in their hand and reference while we give our formal presentation. Additionally, it has been a tangible product for potential new donors to take home as they consider partnering financially with Freedom's Promise. We received many new monthly donors through the use of the product!
Beth Joseph, 12/18/2023


Event Banners

I have used the banners during multiple events. The banners help CLF look more professional, trustworthy, put a face to the work, and reinforces our mission. I love the quality of the banners and the carrying cases make it easy to transport and protect the structure. Thanks again to the amazing team at UNSEEN, we are very happy with the banners!
Tim Hupe, 11/13/2023


Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck exceeded my expectations. It will be so useful for future events, activities, and fundraisers. It’s also very simple that pretty much anyone could use, so that helps a lot as well. They are very kind, reasonable, and caring throughout the process.
Charisa Stauffacher, 9/27/2023