2022 Impact
by Unseen Partners
692% ROI = ($5,822,439 attributed revenue in 2022 - $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses) ÷ $735,059 Unseen's 2022 expenses
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Unseen Partnership

Having branded marketing materials has given us the opportunity to reach more people. We use the slide deck for donor asks, used the donation cards at our fundraiser, use our thank you cards for all donations, and the brochure is at locations all over the Lehigh Valley.
Catharine Kessack, 3/27/2023


MailChimp: Welcome Drip Series & Info Card

Unseen has been an invaluable partner with EverFree. It was Unseen's support in early 2022 that really helped us hone in on our key messaging as a new startup organization. Additionally, the welcome series and the Info Cards have been critical collateral as we spread awareness of EverFree's work and raise funds with our donors.
Amie Gosselin, 2/1/2023


MailChimp: Welcome Drip Series

I'm very impressed with the design and plan. I appreciated the knowledge of the team to put the campaigns together that included messaging to new and current subscribers. The copy editing work is really good with easy to understand text and supporting images. We very much enjoy working with the team at Unseen as they are always professional and personable and provide exceptional products.
Jon Proctor, 1/4/2023