Your Guide to Ethical Holiday Shopping in 2023

Would you describe yourself as a conscious shopper?

If you do, you're not alone. More and more shoppers are showing interest in how the things they buy impact others. The rise of ethical shopping is one that holds companies accountable—are their employees being treated well? Where are their products sourced? It takes a little more effort, but the difference can mean decreasing the demand for labor trafficking and ultimately saving lives.

Plus, it takes even less time when you have a Guide to Ethical Shopping—like this one! :) We've curated a list of our favorite places to shop for gifts and goods, all made by women and men who are creating new livelihoods for themselves in an environment that treats them with dignity and respect.

In this Guide to Ethical Shopping, we’re sharing current and alumni Unseen partners that offer beautiful products, while fighting human trafficking and its root causes. When you shop at these organizations, your purchases supports our shared vision—to create a world where everyone can live in freedom!

Ready to shop? Take a look, and be sure to share this list with your friends! Help us build a world of conscientious shoppers like you.

Creative Life Foundation | Shop Now

Creative Life Foundation is connecting vulnerable children and parents to critical resources—education, citizenship, and holistic care—to create a path to freedom and prevent human trafficking. Their shop includes branded shirts, mugs, and tote bags. Your purchase in support of CLF helps create more just and equitable world.

Nunayu | Shop Now

Unseen Partner El Pozo de Vida is tackling the complexities of human trafficking on three fronts: Prevention, Intervention and Restoration for the women, men, children, families and even perpetrators of human trafficking in Mexico. They have created a registered trademark, Nunayu that sells beautiful handmade jewelry, with 100% of the proceeds being used to support survivors and their families.

Free The Girls | Shop Now

Free The Girls is providing reintegration services and economic empowerment for female survivors of sex trafficking to lower rates of future re-victimization and exploitation. In their shop, you can find ethically sourced coffee and FTG swag—all profits supporting the women in their programs.

HER Campaign | Shop Now

HER Campaign is bringing healing and restoration to survivors of exploitation and trafficking through four crucial steps—safe house, emergency shelter, long-term residential care, and transitional housing for women and children. Their products range from trendy clothing items, to water bottles, journals, soap, and more.

Mercy House | Shop Now

Mercy House is providing food, shelter, education, and vocational training to former street boys who have been orphaned, neglected, abandoned, or trafficked. They also make a big impact in their surrounding communities through outreaches, family strengthening, and meeting basic needs for those living in poverty. Stirred by Hand offers delicious made-by-hand caramels, and a portion of their proceeds goes to support Mercy House.

The Freedom Story | Shop Now

The Freedom Story is preventing child trafficking and exploitation through scholarships, mentorship, access to resources, and education about their rights. Supporting families and communities in raising awareness about trafficking, and helping them develop alternative sources of income—reducing vulnerability to the lures of traffickers. They have several modern branded items available—hats, camping mugs, shirts, and more.

Freeleaf | Shop Now

Red Oak Hope is bringing freedom, hope, and restoration to survivors of sexual exploitation through immediate aid combined with long-term development to support both individuals and communities. Their social enterprise, Freeleaf, offers so many cute items to wear or display in your home.

Sew Free | Shop Now

Free Rain International is equipping women and men with vocational knowledge, financial training, and personal development, so they can support their families in a dignified career. Their sister organization, Sew Free, is sewing freedom into the lives of women in need of opportunity. Their shop offers branded clothing, knitted beanies and scarves, beautiful macrame, and more.

Just One Africa | Shop Now

Be one for someone. That’s the motto at Just One Africa, where the team is working to bring sustainable clean water solutions to Kenya. When you shop at JOA, your purchases go directly towards these clean water initiatives. They write, “your purchase will create hope, re-write futures, and change the world.” In Just One Africa’s shop, you can find handmade beaded bracelets, earrings, custom apparel like T-shirts and sweatshirts, mugs, even greeting cards.

SutiSana | Shop Now

SutiSana is fighting human trafficking and commercial exploitation by providing dignified employment for women leaving prostitution in Bolivia. It was founded in 2010 as a freedom business, and has since grown to be able to offer many women new and abundant life. Shopping here you’ll find a wide variety of items; beautiful totes and duffel bags, leather wallets and purses, sweaters, oven mitts (!!), pillow covers—and of course, face masks.