EverFree: Savannah's Story

Of the 50 million people living in slavery around the globe, only 90,354 were identified in 2021–well below one percent of those victimized. Millions continue to suffer in silence, completely anonymous. 

In Uganda and the Philippines, EverFree works to offer a safe landing for those children impacted by child slavery and trafficking. Recently, nine girls ranging in age from 6-18 found themselves at EverFree’s Uganda safe home. They had escaped vicious sexual exploitation, confined in an illegal shelter run by a man who raped and impregnated seven of the girls.

Savannah’s Story

One of the young girls, Savannah*, needed time to adjust to the new-found safety. When she arrived at the safe home, she would startle at any loud noise, terrified that the man had found her. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and distrust dragged her down as she fought to reclaim her sense of safety. 

With months of intensive trauma-informed care, Savannah has begun to heal. She is catching up on the school she missed while trafficked. She is slowly but surely building a new community of love and support. Though her care is not complete, her journey has already taken a sharp turn for the better.

Learn more about EverFree’s mission to bring freedom to survivors of human trafficking through holistic care, education, job placement, and reintegration support.

*Indicates a name has been changed.

*Photo credit EverFree