AusCam: What Happens When You Empower Youth Voices?

Seila* embodies the journey of hope and empowerment, showcasing the transformative impact of AusCam’s programs. At just 17 years old, she's a high school student and a member of the girls club AusCam facilitates. Recently, Seila participated in their training on running campaigns, which ignited a spark within her.

Seila took action and founded "GSO" (Girls for Safety Online), a group dedicated to promoting online safety among peers. They strategized key messages, created engaging content, and launched a Facebook page and online campaign.

Fast forward to three months later, and GSO's impact is undeniable. They've hosted live events, maintained a consistent presence on social media, developed posters, quizzes, and multiple videos. They now have a reach and engagement that connects 5,000 individuals, predominantly their peers who desperately need to learn about online safety…

Their success doesn't stop there. Seila and her team have presented their model to a group of 90 girls who are university scholarship recipients and 100 youths in another anti-trafficking NGO. They're also actively recruiting new members to join AusCam's Sisterhood of Change Agents.

Seila's personal growth and vision for new leadership experiences are palpable. She's not just a Change Agent; she's a leader and an everyday hero. With each message of hope, safety, and autonomy she shares, Seila reinforces her own identity while inspiring others to do the same.

Seila's journey underscores the power of youth leadership and the importance of empowering girls to navigate the digital world safely. Through her actions, she's not just advocating for change; she's embodying it and paving the way for a safer and more inclusive online community for all.

*Name changed for privacy.

Auscam 2022-2023 Impact Number Highlights:

  • 1,125 girls and young women have been directly supported by AusCam
  • 873 benefitted from empowerment programs—girls clubs, life skills workshops, and service-learning
  • 136 girls graduated from grade 12. 98% completion rate. (National average is only 65%)
  • 60 young women are attending university
Photo courtesy of: AusCam Freedom Project