This is *Zahra’s story. She is 33 years old. She was rescued from human traffickers and was brought recently to one of our rescue partners. This is her journey in her own words:

My life in Iran was very difficult, we had no money. Friends told me of an opportunity in Germany with people they knew, who could help me get there and find a job. I really wanted a new life. At a young age, I was sexually abused by a man in Iran and since then I lost all trust in men. Men in my country only want sex, not love. I am a professional tattoo artist, but in Iran, tattoos are forbidden. I knew I could find a good job and future in Germany. They asked for 4,000 euros to arrange my travel expenses. In my desperation to leave, I paid them what they asked for.

My first stop was in Turkey where they took my passport. I had to follow them on foot through a forest for days until we crossed the Greek borders. A Pakistani mafia group was waiting for me there. They locked me in a house for 5 days, giving me neither food nor water. They used every opportunity to threaten me. I had to pay them another 2,000 euros, or else they would sell me as a sex slave or kill me for my organs.

I contacted my mother in Iran and begged her to pay them. Once the money was sent, they blindfolded and abandoned me near a small Greek town. I managed to reach out to the local police to seek help, they helped me and brought me to Unseen’s rescue partner.

These people had so much love! With them, I felt safe for the first time. They gave me food, a house to stay and legal help for my situation. Now I am so happy! My whole family and parents are Muslims, but I was secretly reading the Bible and attending a Christian church in my hometown. I am sure my church was praying for me all this time and I am so thankful that I found people that love God here in Greece. God protected me and brought me in the hands of good people. My nightmare is over, and I can hope again for my future.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

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