Kimberly’s biggest dream was to be part of a family. When her mom left Kimberly with her aunt to live, she thought that might come true. But instead, that home became a prison. Her aunt put her to work. “It was so hard,” Kimberly said. “I could barely stand.”

Kimberly never left the house. She spent nights crying in her room. But her life changed when she was rescued by one of Unseen’s local Filipino partner missions. She was given a new home, one that let her play outside, go to school and sing.

“People say I have a beautiful voice,” Kimberly said, smiling.

This mission has rescued over 60 children from abusive situations and life on the street, placing 30 with new families through international adoption and local home placement. As Kimberly grew older, this mission continued to pray that a family would adopt her and at last fulfill her dream of being part of a family.

This year, Kimberly was adopted by a family in the U.S.

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