Four years ago, Jocelyn* was being forced into marriage. She was 10 years old. He was 40. She refused, but she had no education, nowhere to go, and no one she could trust to help her. She felt completely alone.

Days before her wedding, she connected with our Partner. Our partner worked with Jocelyn and her family and was able to rescue her to their boarding school and counseling center. For the first time in her life, she would be able to attend school.

Jocelyn is at the top of her class. She still spends time with social workers who help her process her trauma and move forward. She aims to be a doctor. When asked about her new life at the school, she couldn’t hide her shy smile. It flashed wide across her face, and her eyes lit up. She talked about the games she enjoys at school. With everything that she’s experienced, she’s still just a kid. Because of the persistent and long-term work of our Partner, Jocelyn’s childhood has been given back to her.

Unseen’s Partner is creating sustainable solutions by addressing the clean water crisis and creating hope through care, education and community development.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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