Bonita Thompson


Raised on a small farm in Oregon, Bonita Thompson was passionate about helping young adults, and spent over 36 years as a teacher and principal. After retirement, her husband Roy’s work took them to Bangkok. Struggling to know what her role would be in this season of life, Bonita asked a friend, “I don’t like golf and I don’t knit…what do I do?”

As they lived in Bangkok, Bonita soon noticed the vast amounts of American men walking with Thai girls in the red light districts, girls who were being trafficked or sexually abused. She knew she needed to do something about it. Bonita began to learn more about the Thai culture, this dark cycle of abuse and the lack of options for many girls in poverty. When a local mission needed someone to help care for two girls, Bonita jumped right in. She taught them English and saw God transform their lives.

“I had no idea what I was going to do, but I had entered into this world. It was appalling to me. It was embarrassing. It was shameful. I had to redeem this.” - Bonita

Bonita prayed for a capable Thai ministry partner to work with her to serve these girls who were in such darkness and need. Ann, a compassionate and skilled woman, came along and filled in while Bonita was gone for a month in the states.

Home of New Beginnings was born in 2006 and has served over 1,000 women through their weekly outreach in the red light districts. It is a residency home in Bangkok offering English classes, events and more. A second home location has just been purchased in a major city hub for child trafficking and Bonita’s staff are working to begin serving more girls in 2017!

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