For 1,500 years, the community Anaya’s* family lives in has been trafficked to become devadasis, or temple prostitutes. They call it “the family business.”

This was the future destined for Anaya. Caring Hands, an Unseen partner working to end this vicious cycle, took Anaya in to give her a new life. But not long after, her grandmother demanded she return “to help with the family business.”

Shobha, Caring Hands director, immediately began fighting back—with tea. Week after week, she shared tea with the grandmother, talking about Anaya’s future. Week after week, Caring Hands would tell Unseen, “Not yet.” They prayed fervently that the grandmother’s heart would change.

Something clicked. The grandmother not only brought Anaya back to Caring Hands, but her brother, too. Now the two siblings are not getting clients off the street. They go to school. They’re playful and happy, and just one example of the 100% success rate Caring Hands has seen with the children they serve.

With each story like this, 1,500 years of evil is being stopped.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

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