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Equipped & Prepared

Our artist network is comprised of graphic designers, writers, photographers, and videographers who have a passion for telling stories of hope. Together, we create projects that will empower our partners to stand out in a visual world.

Paired with partnership and training, these tools give our partners everything they need to tell their story. We start with simple projects like thank you cards and partner progress to more complex projects such as website design or promo videos. Each project comes with a training module that ensures that the tools are used well. Along the process, we connect to different artists that use their unique skills to produce the best work possible.

Partners move through projects in an order that matches their personal pace. Our local partner in Kenya progressed from thank you cards, to story cards explaining the work they do, to more extensive projects within their first year of partnership. They reported this to be a great source of value and we were able to give more tools as we saw continued success.