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Training Program

We bring in coaches who train our partners using the best fundraising curriculum.

No matter if the sessions are over Skype or over coffee, they receive access to not only tools, but accountability and consultation. Expert coaches collaborate with our team to pinpoint potential problems and encourage partners in their victories.

Beyond just placing great resources in the hands of our partners, we explain the why. This why provides an approach to fundraising that is relationally based, research backed, and ethically sound. Using this combination of overarching philosophy and specific assignments, we have seen partners thrive in their projects and bring in more funds than ever have before!

One partner from South Africa has received training in-person on the field, over distance communication, and in our Fargo offices. We started with the basics and worked our way up to day-long trainings on specific fundraising strategies. Paired with continued follow up and media tools, the knowledge has given vision and clarity to the partner organization.