Our Process

Unseen partners, trains and equips organizations fighting human trafficking and its root causes.

We support these amazing missions through ongoing coaching, fundraising training, media projects and marketing tools needed to connect with their own support base for continued growth.

There is no shortage of good work being done, but these nonprofit directors and leaders often lack the resources, tools and confidence needed to take the next step forward for the organizations they lead.

We are here to help these organizations reach more people, raise the funds they need, build an engaged donor community, feel equipped to share their own stories of hope and know they are not alone in it all.

Using Funding Logic’s training curriculum, built on 40 years of experience and over $1 billion raised, our staff personalizes Unseen’s projects and coaching to help each unique partner mission grow in the way that works best for them. Our talented network of artists and contributors work to create effective print, web, photo and video materials that powerfully convey the heart of these organizations. Paired with training and coaching, these materials help our partners grow in ways they couldn’t previously.



Our partner groups already have a proven model, mission success and plenty of room to grow. We help them expand their work through top-notch storytelling collateral and fundraising training.

How We Partner



The support raising curriculum we use is built on 40 years of successful research and over 1 billion dollars raised. We tailor the educational programming to each group’s need with individualized direction and continued coaching.

Our Training Program



Our nationwide network of experienced artists work to create the world-class media resources our groups use to raise support.

Equipped & Prepared
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