Our Vision

We envision a world where exploiters are stopped, vulnerable people have livelihoods, and survivors pursue lives of freedom and impact.

What We Do

Unseen is a capacity-building nonprofit that accelerates a portfolio of anti-trafficking and root cause organizations that have a history of success and are primed for growth.

How We Do It

Unseen functions as a marketing partner, collaborating with a portfolio of vetted organizations to formulate growth strategies together and building roadmaps to help them achieve their goals. We manage and deliver 100+ strategic marketing projects annually for our partners who in turn use them to raise more funds. Unseen fills a critical role in helping these organizations grow their capacity to reach more vulnerable people and stop more exploiters, faster.

Unseen Partner Locations

Unseen works with anti-trafficking organizations globally to expand our efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

Unseen's Impact

Read about how Unseen is making a difference through our portfolio of partners.
unseen's 2021 annual report

Unseen Partner Testimonials


Donation Card

The new donation card is a fantastic design. We appreciated the kindness and care of Unseen's staff, their love for others and the people we serve, and the professionalism of the donation card itself. I will use it every time I speak when I get back to the US. Thank you!
Dave Hatfield, 8/28/21


Fundraising Conversation

Working as a fundraising coordinator can be a lonely journey with little info available that would work for your specific situation. The services offered by Unseen have provided assistance in fundraising in different ways. Talking with Paul about how to do a large scale fundraiser gave me a huge amount of information to process and consider which has been invaluable.
Nathan Wheeley, 2/28/21


Branded Folders

These branded folders have significantly increased our credibility when meeting with donors. It's difficult to gauge a dollar amount impact tied to the folders, but they have absolutely helped us show and maintain professionalism when working with donors and prospects. As always, thank you for helping Willow establish and maintain the utmost credibility, professionalism, and positive impressions!!
Lindsay Leuthold, 11/16/20

Stories of Hope

We BELIEVE that hope is more powerful than darkness

More Stories

Thank You

"The stark contrast between where she was and the future she now has is amazing and represents why we do what we do."

- Than Baardson, Unseen CEO