Our Vision

We envision a world where exploiters are stopped, vulnerable people have livelihoods, and survivors pursue lives of freedom and impact.

What We Do

Unseen is a capacity-building nonprofit that accelerates a portfolio of anti-trafficking and root cause organizations that have a history of success and are primed for growth.

How We Do It

Unseen functions as a marketing partner, collaborating with a portfolio of vetted organizations to formulate growth strategies together and building roadmaps to help them achieve their goals. We manage and deliver 100+ strategic marketing projects annually for our partners who in turn use them to raise more funds. Unseen fills a critical role in helping these organizations grow their capacity to reach more vulnerable people and stop more exploiters, faster.

Unseen Partner Locations

Unseen works with anti-trafficking organizations globally to expand our efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

Unseen's Impact

Read about how Unseen is making a difference through our portfolio of partners.
unseen's 2021 annual report

Unseen Partner Testimonials


Messaging Strategy

It has given us significant clarity on our messaging and how to reach donors in a more effective and compassionate way. It has greatly improved the quality of our donor relations and communication. Our partnership with Unseen has impacted the way we present our organization to donors and it has grown our confidence in sharing our message with the world!
Britney Higgs, 2/28/2022


Unseen Partnership

Unseen has improved our fundraising efforts by greatly improving the brand, marketability, and professionalism of our presentation of the organization - both digitally (with the slide deck, website, and email template) and tangibly (through connection cards, info cards, brochures, and thank you notes).
Erin Johnson, 2/23/2022


Messaging Strategy

Our partnership with Unseen has undoubtably improved our fundraising efforts. The materials themselves have been very useful in our communications and fundraising efforts. But even more importantly, it's Unseen's support with messaging strategy that has truly accelerated our ability to come alongside more people and get them excited about our work.
Amie Gosselin

Stories of Hope

We BELIEVE that hope is more powerful than darkness

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Thank You

"The stark contrast between where she was and the future she now has is amazing and represents why we do what we do."

- Than Baardson, Unseen CEO