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We are accelerating the fight against

Human Trafficking

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Right now, there are

40+ million people
in slavery around the world.

1 in 4 are kids.

Many people become victims of trafficking because they are especially vulnerable to exploitation.

With 150 million orphaned children, and 700 million people living in poverty today, vulnerability is one of the key root causes of slavery and trafficking. If we don't address the root causes of trafficking, we'll never end it.

How we fight:

We accelerate the fight against human trafficking and its root causes through partnerships with anti-trafficking leaders all over the world.


Every partner is thoroughly evaluated to ensure full compliance with the highest standards of child safety,  experienced leadership and first-rate financial accountability.


We partner with experts that have a history of success, are primed for growth, and are committed to wiping out human trafficking and it's root causes.


We accelerate the growth of anti-trafficking organizations by helping to secure the funding they need to expand their reach and serve more people.

Our Impact


Located around the globe

3.3 Million

Served by our partners


Served by our partners

Unseen accelerates the growth of the anti-trafficking efforts around the world by investing in their growth. Unseen is helping our partners grow 10X faster than average.

Hope changes lives.

We've seen freedom change the lives of Anaya and Nimuel.
Read their stories.

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Every $10 helps play a role in serving one person in the fight against trafficking and its root causes.

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