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Social Media Specialist
10-15 hours/week
Closing Date:
August 23, 2020

The position: The Social Media Specialist, reporting to Unseen’s Assistant Program Director, is someone who has a thirst for learning new things, excited about the user experience, and has an interest in the area of anti-human trafficking and its root causes. S/he is motivated to increase engagement among targeted audiences and can visualize the journey from a keyword search to a landing page to a decision to engage with an organization. Clear articulation of thoughts and taking initiative are important skills in this position. The phrase “digital media” in this job description covers a broad realm, including: social media, content writing, and digital advertising.

The overarching problem being tackled: Unseen is a capacity-building organization that accelerates the growth of other anti-trafficking organizations. The pervasiveness of trafficking is driven by the ability of exploiters to generate huge profits at little or no economic risk to them through the exploitation of vulnerable people. Trafficking is big business—with big money and influential people involved. Unseen and its partners represent an opposing team banding together to use a similar level of sophistication and resources as those who are propping up the trafficking industry. Unseen’s Social Media Specialist focuses on cultivating a network of increasingly engaged supporters who are interested in tackling one of the world's toughest social challenges—human trafficking and its root causes. 

The organization: For 9 years Unseen has achieved its goals through effective fundraising efforts, social impact initiatives, and partnerships that leverage the power of collaboration to help organizations do more of the great work they already do, faster. The Social Media Specialist’s overriding aim is to raise Unseen’s digital engagement to new heights which should lead to increased impact among people who are vulnerable to exploitation.

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