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We’re an organization with a single rally cry

The Syrian war has displaced more than 4.8 million Syrian refugees, leaving 13.5 million people in urgent need within Syria’s borders and resulting in at least 600,000 children orphaned and susceptible to exploitation and abuse. “Syria is the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said upon the conflict’s five-year mark. These numbers can be paralyzing. Where do we begin?

If we want to be involved in the refugee crisis, the best thing we can do is help the relief workers and rescuers who are already there to do more. This is why Unseen exists. We’re an organization that has a single rallying cry: to stop human trafficking and its root causes by empowering and equipping the people who are already doing it really well. We’re not starting new initiatives or investing high amounts of funding to start new projects, we’re seeking out rescue organizations on the ground with a proven model of care. We’re identifying the groups already at work and joining them in their fight against human trafficking and its root causes.

Our partners know exactly who needs help and have the relational capital to help them, but they don’t always have the strategy or the funding to reach new donors to sustain their work. Without money, the mission goes away. Unseen works to provide help – the partnership, fundraising training, and media resources our partners need to invite others into their mission. We get to come alongside them and say, “You’re not fighting alone. We, and all of our donors, stand behind you as the Rescue Support Team, and we’re here to help in every single way we can.”

We can’t all go overseas to help refugees, but by giving to Unseen, you can join our Rescue Support Team in equipping local heroes to help rescue one more at a time.

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