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We want more people served, but served well.

There are so many non-profit organizations doing amazing work around the world. How do we choose which ones to pursue partnership with? Good question. We’re committed to using our donor’s gifts as effectively as possible, as every dollar matters in the fight against human trafficking. Our Program Team is diligent as they vett and interview new organizations, ensuring they are keeping kids safe, doing no harm and are a good fit for Partnership.

We just interviewed 17 new potential Rescue Partners working in 20 different countries! Our Program Team sends countless emails and meets via video calls with the leaders of these non-profits (directors and board members), asking important questions about their location, staff, support base, budget needs, resources, growth history, struggles, triumphs and so much more. Our Program Team looks for organizations that are established in their mission, know best practices, and are wise with their finances. They are capable of adapting their systems and poised for growth, and could reach more women and children in need through the support of a partnership with Unseen.

Just like individual people, each non-profit is incredibly unique, and we take the time needed to get to know each other before beginning partnerships and projects.

Every organization has the ability to impact people in their community in a way that no one else can. And every life matters. We want to see more people served, but served well. We’re committed to doing that with each new partnership we begin. There are leaders all over the world doing incredible work and we get to support them right from Fargo! We couldn’t do it without the generosity of our supporters - thank you for being a part of this story with us.

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Every $10 helps play a role in serving one person in the fight against trafficking and its root causes.

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