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They're capable of adapting their systems and poised for growth.

New partnerships with Partners can bring added dollars and much-needed rescue to those waiting for help. Unseen takes each application seriously, ensuring that we’re coming alongside organizations that are trustworthy and effective. Prime candidates are established in their mission, know best practices, and are wise with their finances. They are also capable of adapting their systems and poised for growth. Many of our applicants have more women and children just outside their reach that they could help with Unseen’s partnership. 

We work directly with each Rescue Partner to support them with what they need to expand and accelerate their mission. There are so many heroes around the world who are doing everything they can to fight human trafficking and its root causes. 

We’re privileged to work alongside our 28 Rescue Partners on six continents, with four new partners joining us this winter, but there are currently 76 on our ever-growing interest list. Because we’re committed to doing quality work with every organization we’re partnered with, we are currently at capacity. We want to serve people well, not just serve a lot of people.

So while we celebrate our current partners and the 120,000+ people they’re serving, we’re also keenly aware of the vast need around the world. We want to move through our interest list as quickly as we can because we know what’s at stake–but we must have the staffing we need to support these organizations well. Your gift to Unseen will help us expand our service to this incredible, growing list of the greatest rescuers in the world.

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