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Resurrection Hope

As I look back on Easter weekend, many of us (myself included) probably spent our day sitting in a local church, playing games with family and friends, eating some delicious food, or just taking a break from our work.

I remember sitting in my in-laws house when I saw the news of the bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. While it’s tempting to add this news to the mental category of ‘bad things happening in scary parts of the world’, it’s more important than ever to connect these tragedies to real people. Real kids.

Not so different than our own families, are the Pakistani families burying their children this week after a horror hit their city. Most of us have experienced some level of pain and loss. Despite culture, religion, or language, these things are basic to humanity, connecting us to each other. We remember our brother and sisters across oceans when we do not turn a blind eye, choosing to grieve along with them.

But that’s not the end of the story. Despite what the candy, eggs, bunnies and abundance of pastel colors might say, there is more to this Easter holiday.

He is risen, indeed. Because of Jesus’ life and death there is hope for this world, for us and for the people of Lahore grieving this week. We thank you for supporting us as we work with our partner on the ground in this country, as well as other hard to reach places of this world. We can’t do it alone!

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