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It's a Process

We got to serve 16 groups last year. 16! The impact through these groups affected more than 25,000 people. With that, we have many many more that we want to, and need to, serve. Our current model of finding, screening, processing and serving groups has served us well for the past 4 years, but it’s time for some serious growth.

At our annual board meeting last July, we asked some tough questions. We left excited, ready for planning and feeling like we were on the edge of something. After 4 years in ‘start-up’ mode, we have learned a lot - made some mistakes, and adjusted our work. We’ve continued to ask for wisdom and have been so thankful for the support of our community in this process of growth and learning.

Over the past 6 months we have continued to work on media projects and training with our partners, while having internal meetings to discuss how we could improve our model of missions work. There are so many organizations out there, struggling to grow, working daily to serve those in darkness, without the support they need. We want to be able to meet that need in the years to come by scaling Unseen’s mission.

Countless conversations, head-scratching and Google documents later, our team has discovered something new. Our core mission is the same: to equip, train and partner with organizations fighting human trafficking and its root causes; but now will be able to say ‘yes’ to more organizations doing great work, giving them the support they need, when they need it - growing together.

Organizations are in different places of growth, have different problems, and need unique support. We’re excited to grow our missions partnerships (and internal staff as a result), helping them meet their goals, connect with supporters, and tell their stories well.

Thank you for encouraging and challenging us to keep working, growing, and figuring out how we can scale this mission. We’re excited about the progress we’ve made this past year, and where we are headed together!

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