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Celebrating Christmas Comes at a Cost

For girls in Thailand’s sex industry,a night off from work to celebrate Christmas comes at a cost.

Every year, Unseen’s local partner throws a big Christmas party for the girls they serve in the red light districts. They all gather together to have a night of celebration complete with live music, crafts, games, magic shows, and an introduction to Jesus. For the girls who work in the bars, our local partner pays the nightly fee of $25 for every single one of the 200 girls who attends.Some of the bars have had so many girls take the night off, that they closed down the entire bar for the night.

Through hosting this Christmas party, our partners in Thailand have been able to give these girlsa chance at hope, offer a way out of trafficking, hand out Bibles, offer prayer, and provide a much-needed break.

Outreach events are created to build relationships with girls in the sex industry. With these personal connections, the girls now know that there are people willing to fight for them. For many,this is the first step to them being able to leave the damaging life of the sex industryand start over again in a safe house.

The road to rescue for girls in the sex industry is often a slow and long process. Every small victory is celebrated along the way and this event allows for dozens of small victories all leading towards the end goals of rescue, restoration, and a future in freedom.

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