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But little did I know…

This semester, I have the wonderful opportunity to serve as an intern in the operations department at Unseen. I get to work closely with partner managers, Jordan and Jenny–experts in partnership, customer service, and encouragement.

Part of my duties as an intern include monitoring the social media, websites, etc., of Unseen’s partners for updates and stories of rescue, growth, and need. These stories are a direct reminder that the fight against human trafficking is far from over.

While researching our partners to find these stories, I am constantly blown away by the incredible work that our partners do, as well as by the work done by Unseen’s amazing staff. I am finding stories of young children living in extreme poverty faced with the decision to sell their bodies or starve. By the grace of God, these children are rescued by a partner in India or the Philippines.

This internship is very fulfilling and humbling due to the fact that the time and effort I put into finding these stories is directly linked to acquiring donations to further the work of Unseen and our partners.

This opportunity has shown me that I have a passion for fighting human trafficking that I did not know that I had. These stories and my internship continually remind me that there is no time to waste.

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