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All over the world, little girls are being born

All over the world, at this very moment, little girls are being born. Some are born to places of safety, wrapped up in dignity, opportunity and futures full of hope.

But for millions around the world, to be born female means futures of abuse, abandonment, sexual slavery, no chance to go to school, and so so much more. 

Over 80% of human trafficking victims are female, 15 million girls are married every year before they reach the age of 18 and two-thirds of the world’s 774 million illiterate people are women. 

Global gender inequality is real. In every country of the world, women and girls face obstacles that men and boys do not. The types of inequality vary, but they are large, looming and many times, deadly. 

The very lives of our sisters, friends, mothers and daughters around the world are at stake. Despite the darkness, there is good news! 

Thanks to our partner organizations (and so many others like them), women and girls are being rescued daily from gender-based violence and inequality. 

Through our partners’ work:

  • Free education is given to girls in rural Pakistan.
  • Women in Thailand are rescued out of the sex industry and brothels and given scholarships to attend college and start new.
  • Teen girls in Greece are taught to recognize trafficking situations they might be lured into and how to protect themselves.
  • Young women in Uganda are given support to stay in school and graduate, lowering teen pregnancies. 
  • Once living on the streets, now girls in the Philippines are given a safe place to live, schooling and family support.
  • South Korean young women, orphaned as girls, are now mentored and given scholarships for college.

While we look at the injustice against girls with grief, we gather together to do something about it. In the face of pain and darkness, girls are thriving, overcoming adversity and full of hope! 

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