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A vacation to Thailand? Sounds like a dream for many.

A vacation to Thailand? Sounds like a dream for many. But for thousands of children, it’s a nightmare as tourists come to view them as objects for sale in the red-light districts. While purchasing sex is technically illegal, it’s a thriving industry bringing people from all over the world, including the United States.

For US citizens or residents caught in such abuse, the
allows imprisonment for up to 30 years for those engaging in sex with a child, even when traveling abroad where the action may be legal.

At Unseen, we’re grateful for the U.S. laws that aim to protect not just American kids, but those all over the world. Yet we know there are so many kids whose countries and governments are not fully protecting or advocating for them.

We’re committed to seeing justice come for these kids. With Rescue Partners in the hard places, working tirelessly for the rescue and safety of those who need it most - there is hope. We look to the light and the stories of change and know there is so much good, even in the darkness.

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