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5 Ways to Fight Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a complex issue that must be addressed on multiple levels because there are more slaves in the world today than ever before. Here are 5 actual ways to fight human trafficking:

1. Prevention

The international community has adopted the “3P Paradigm” in the fight against human trafficking. We use this paradigm to identify and partner with the most effective anti-trafficking organizations. The first “P” is Prevention. If we’re going to make real progress, we have to aim at the roots of the problem. Orphan care, working to end cycles of poverty, providing access to education and job training, and advocating for just labor practices and policy enforcement are all preventative efforts that will help to reduce the number of people vulnerable to slavery.

2. Protection

The second “P” is Protection. Effective efforts will prioritize the protection and restoration of human trafficking survivors. This includes equipping first responders, working toward partnerships between law enforcement and service providers, instituting safeguards for victims and their families, and establishing rehabilitation services that restore dignity and give victims access to new opportunities.

3. Prosecution

The final “P” is Prosecution. Bringing traffickers to justice is a crucial deterrent to future offenders. To help facilitate this around the world, the United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) provides minimum standards for prosecuting trafficking offenders, and the State Department’s annual TIP report assesses and ranks governments’ anti-trafficking efforts.

4. Partnership

The international community’s “3 P’s” provide a big-picture approach for how to effectively fight against human trafficking and its root causes, but it requires the collaborative efforts of many organizations on the ground to truly make headway. Unseen’s vetting process identifies the best rescuers who are addressing root causes, rescuing and rehabilitating victims, and working to bring offenders to justice. Our strategic partnerships help further the important work already happening around the world.

5. Pray, Share, Give

With more than 40 million people in slavery around the world, the fight can be overwhelming. Change must happen at a systemic level, but how can one person make a difference?

There are ways you can be involved today: Pray for the work of our Rescue Partners around the world, for more victims to be rescued and given hope for a better future, for more trafficking operations to be shut down. Share about the problem of human trafficking in the world, advocate for victims, and celebrate the courageous work of our Partners. Lastly, put passion into action and give to Unseen so that we can continue to invest in the greatest groups in the world to achieve maximum impact.

We all have a vital role to play in the work of justice. So many are waiting for help and we have a chance to join incredible efforts already underway. What’s your part in this fight?

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