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Our Mission

Our mission is their life. We believe there is more good work to be done.

Human trafficking is one of the greatest modern day evils, impacting over 40 million people. The stories of lives devastated and children lost are dark and heart-wrenching. But, amidst all the despair, there is great hope!

All over this world, determined and compassionate people are planting themselves in dark places for the sake of hope. Bringing light and changing lives, these missions are restoring dignity and a new future to those who had none.

This work is hard. These missions are often isolated and under-supported, but yet they persevere.

At Unseen, we are passionate about equipping these rescuers with the tools and support they need to grow so they can offer more help to the forgotten—the unseen. This work cannot be done alone, and our team works as a resourcing tool for in-country organizations. We use practical projects to help tell the stories of each mission, while using fundraising training and coaching to encourage and empower each organization to engage and grow their own donor base.

We believe fundraising and storytelling is vital to mission growth, but understand how discouraging and easy to neglect it can be, especially to those in the field. We’re here to bridge the gap.

We can’t do it alone. Join us today through a gift, corporate partnership, internship or volunteer opportunity.