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About Unseen

Unseen partners with organizations that are primed for growth and committed to wiping out human trafficking and its root causes. 

Unseen provides partners with fundraising training and coaching marketing assets, and a support team to help their organizations grow.


Located around the globe


Served By Our Partners


Served By Our Partners

Just like individual people, each non-profit is incredibly unique, and we take the time needed to get to know each other before beginning partnerships and projects.

Every organization has the ability to impact people in their community in a way that no one else can. And every life matters. We want to see more people served, but served well. We’re committed to doing that with each new partnership we begin. There are leaders all over the world doing incredible work and we get to support them right from Fargo! 

We couldn’t do it without the generosity of our supporters - thank you for being a part of this story with us.

Join us as we continue to fight human trafficking and its root causes.

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